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What is HumblAbode?

HumblAbode lets real estate agents offer listings on a branded, independent web-page; separate from competition and powered by Google advertising.

When potential buyers use Google to search for a property, listings through HumblAbode will appear in their search results. Unlike aggregator websites which collect and display mass amounts of listings, HumblAbode displays properties on a portal. This refers to a single, specially-designed web-page for your property.

The result is a targeted and cost-effective way to connect more buyers with the right properties.

How does it work?

All HumblAbode marketing campaigns are easily managed through our website.

To get started, real estate agents must create an account. It’s completely free and all that’s needed are a few details about yourself and your business. From here, you have the freedom to add new listings, check data and manage existing campaigns.

Adding a new listing is as easy as inputting property details, choosing a unique URL and setting your budget and timeline. We’ll generate a standalone web-page for your listing, using your unique branding, before launching the page.

Now you can monitor the progress of your listing, including web-page visits, enquiries, phone calls and staff responsiveness.

At the end of your campaign, you can either choose to extend it or notify us that your property has been sold.

What’s the advantage of using HumblAbode?

Displaying your property on a stand-alone online portal means buyers won’t be distracted by competitor listings. Plus, HumblAbode helps you capture invaluable data about your buyers as well as the performance of various staff.

Compared with other real estate marketing services, HumblAbode is not only cost-effective, but return on investment is completely measurable. You’ll have full access to the performance of your listing, the buyers it’s attracting and the enquiries being made.

What’s more, incorporating our unique and targeted approach to your marketing mix will help impress vendors and give you the edge when pitching against competitors.

Can I use HumblAbode alongside other property listing services?

Yes, HumblAbode works seamlessly alongside other marketing platforms, both online and print.

Can I use HumblAbode to list multiple properties?

Yes, there’s no limit to the number of properties you can list.

What happens to the online listing once the property is sold?

The listing on your property website will be marked as sold and tagged automatically to the website of your agency.

What happens if I sell the house before my campaign has ended?

If you sell a property that’s being advertised you can cancel all future months of scheduled campaigning and you will not be charged. You will only be charged for the month during which you cancel.

Can I cancel a campaign at any time?

You can cancel any active campaign at any time. You will only be charged for the month during which you cancel. There are no ongoing, contract or lock-in fees using HumblAbode, so you have the freedom to try the service obligation-free.

Can I set up different access levels for various staff?

You sure can. Access levels can be customised on the HumblAbode website according to company position and/or rank.

Is there a troubleshooting service in case I get stuck?

Any questions or technical difficulties can be directed to – all queries will be responded to as a matter of priority.

Where can I get more information about HumblAbode?

You can call us directly on 1300 186 395 to speak to one of our friendly team members. We’ll happily answer any questions you have about the service as well as walk you through the process of signing up and using HumblAbode to list and sell properties.

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